HOF Episode 19: Europe Wakes Up (The Renaissance)

Did Europeans suddenly wake up one day, tired of Medieval living, and decide to change course, to rebirth themselves in modern ideas and start creating good art? Or, as usual, is the story something much more complicated, gradual, and subject to the influence of other cultures from outside?

Hmm, I wonder?… Come listen for an extensive tour of the Italian Renaissance, how it began, and what it meant for people and what they ate.

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The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi (1570), translation and commentary of Terrence Scully

Academia Barilla: Food of the Renaissance

Life in Italy: History of Pasta

The New World Encyclopedia: Italian Renaissance

Daily Life in History: How did the Fall of Constantinople affect the Italian Renaissance

Turkish Cultural Foundation: The Story of Turkish Food

Smithsonian Magazine: Renaissance Table Etiquette and the Origin of Manners

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