HOF Episode 12: Herders of the Old World

Welcome to the second Season of the History of Food!

To kick things off, we’ll be walking ground we’ve tread before. The history of pastoral nomadism, that is the animal herders in Europe, Asia, and Africa, has frequently come up in our studies of urban civilizations, but until now, we’ve always looked at them from inside the city walls.

Well, not today. Today, we do our best to head out on the open road, to study the herders and the wanderers, the cheesemakers and the yogurt drinkers, and the monumental effect they had on human history, from their own perspective. Come listen!

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Nomads and the Outside World – Anatoly M. Khazanov

Live Science – Nomads in Surprisingly Good Health Despite Poor Diet

FUTURITY – Silk Road Nomads Ate Way Better than City Dwellers

NATL GEOGRAPHIC – We Are What We Eat: The High Altitude Diet of Afghanistan’s Nomads

Natl. Historic Cheesemaking Center: History of Cheese

TedEd: A Brie(f) History of Cheese – Paul Kindstedt

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