HOF Episode 9: Raw and Cooked (China)

What does it mean to be a raw (barbarian) person vs. a cooked (civilized) person? To find out, our culinary and historical journey heads east. Far East, to the lands of the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers. Ancient China.

Guzheng music for this episode performed by   musician Bei Bei in Los Angeles, California and by Sound of China Guzheng Instruments


“State Emergence in Early China” by Li Liu

Thought Co., The Origins and History of Rice in China and Beyond

Thought Co., Soybeans (Glycine max) – The Plant History of the Marvelous Soybean

Soybean domestication: the origin, genetic architecture and molecular bases

BBC News, Oldest Noodles Unearthed in China

Top China Travel, History of Chinese Cuisine

Flavor and Fortune, Han Dynasty Cuisine


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