HOF Episode 2: Gardeners of the Neolithic

The second episode of our History of Food concerns the greatest turning point in human history since the taming of fire. The New Stone Age, when farming was invented and our species forever changed.  What were our lives like, what were we eating, and how those two questions are interconnected.

Theme music by the incredible Michael Levy of Ancient Lyre. This rendition of the Hurian Hymn, the oldest known piece of sheet music, and the whole album “An Ancient Lyre” and much more is available from all major digital music stores and streaming sites.

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The Origins of Agriculture in the Near East

The Creation of Inequality: How are Prehistoric Ancestors Set the Stage for Monarchy, Slavery, and Empire

Cooking in Ancient Civilizations

Evolution of Domesticated Bread Wheat

Early Domestic Fig in the Jordan Valley

Facts and Details: Early Man and Ancient History

Wheat Domestication: the History and Origins of Floury Grains

A Brief History of Fermentation

Common pulse crops in the late Neolithic

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