HOF Episode 20: The Columbian Exchange

For millions of years, the two main hemispheres of planet earth were separated by an impassible ocean. North/South America and Eurasia/Africa, two divergent ecosystems, food chains, and human civilizations. . . Then one day in 1492, a guy named Columbus passed that impassible ocean, and began the momentous and tumultuous process of bringing the Old World and the New World back together, into one.

Human civilization and the ecosystems of earth itself would never be the same.

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1491 by Charles Mann

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One thought on “HOF Episode 20: The Columbian Exchange”

  1. Anthrochef,

    Love the show!

    I’d say keep on going into modern times but don’t hesitate to time travel as needed and in depth as needed when covering a specific topic.

    Silver Lake, Ohio

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