HOF Episode 14: People of the Book

In what capacity can food serve a spiritual need?

The answer is a whole lot! A little over two thousand years ago, the way people thought about themselves and the Universe was beginning to change. Ancient gods, pagan rituals, and beliefs were going out of style, no longer compatible with new, more modern ways of thinking. These beliefs would transform into new religions that would create, and last into the modern world.

And of course, nothing reflected this era of Spiritual transition more than what people ate, or in this case how much of it. Listen today for the origin stories of Christianity, Islam, and their parent religion Judaism, the three new monotheist faiths and their “one true god”, known colloquially at the time as “people of the book”.

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Food: A Cultural and Culinary History, lecture by Ken Albala

Food and Dining in Early Christianity by Dennis E. Smith

Reader’s Guide to Meals, Food and Table Fellowship\in the New Testament,by Jerome H. Neyrey, University of Notre Dame

Early Islamic Culinary Art: Based on Prophetic Traditions, by Muhammed Ömür Akkor

Seeker: The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Golden Age

Lumen Boundless World History: Pre-Islamic Arabia

The Food Heritage Foundation: The Traditional Food of Ramadan

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