Kaymak (Clotted Cream)

How had I never tried this stuff before?

You could file this luxurious dairy recipe under the nomad section, but the Persians carried it with them into civilized life, and called it Kaymak. Pure, heavy cream is cooked low and slow overnight to separate the milk fat. The resulting product is like a cousin to butter, only creamier and a deeper, toastier flavor from the oven.

The technique  takes some time, but is ridiculously simple and easy. Clotted cream is most famously put on Biscuits, scones, and bread but why stop there? Use this spreadable, dairy delight in anything you  butter on or in!

KAYMAK (Persian Clotted Cream)

(note: this recipe is just Chef John’s from foodwishes.com’s for clotted cream)

1-2 quarts high quality heavy cream (nothing ultra-pasteurized. It won’t work)
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

Set the oven to lowest temperature: 150-170F.  Pour the cream into a large baking dish, whisking in any lumps of fat. The cream layer should be 1-1.5 inches tall.

Place in the oven uncovered for exactly 12 hours. If your oven does not go below 200 degrees, it many be done after 10 hours. 12 was perfect for me. The fat will have floated to the top and become a deep, toasty yellow color, while the liquid has separated underneath.

Don’t disturb it yet! Put it directly into the fridge for another 10-12 hours, until COMPLETELY chilled. Now, you can poke a hole in the corner, and drain off the leftover liquid, which can be used as a milk substitute in any baking recipe.

With a spoon, scoop all the solids together, stirring together with any leftover liquid. If clotted cream is too cold to stir, let temp for a few minutes on the counter.

It will stay fresh in the fridge for 4-5 days, if you don’t use it all before then.


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